Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Bleu De Chanel

Legendary fashion house Chanel and founder CoCo Chanel with head designer Karl Lagerfeld has put a stander of high fashion and expensive lifestyle for the creme dela creme for decades!

With an elite clothing line, glamorous accessions and the most recognized and sought after perfume in the world! Of course I'm talking about Chanel no.5, for so many years men across the world has been denied the privilege of buying into the elegant and sophisticated world of Chanel,

But now I'm happy to announce that the house of Chanel has invited all men to this exclusive club by opening a line of men's clothing and accessions with Chanel signature double C's logo. What I'm most excited about is Chanel's fragrance for men which I'm absolutely in love with! So come watch my video review of my new favorite men's cologne Bleu De Chanel!

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